This will be good – and profitable
Consulting in conception and marketing

Together we will make sure that your holiday home becomes an economic success. In doing so, we pay very close attention to how you address only those guests who you would like to welcome.


The design of a house is always complex. The development of a holiday property is often much more complex: The house must appeal to you, but also meet the demands of later guests. When planning there is a lot to consider, which experience has shown that not every planner automatically has in mind. Our services:

  • Analysis of the potential of location and concept development
  • Development of concepts for tourism (target group analysis, profile,analysis of supply and demand, trends and more)
  • Development of business plans and marketing concepts
  • Development of financing models
  • Development of design concepts and design guides, tailored to your holiday house
  • Conception of equipment and furniture design
  • Advice on the selection of the right architect and planning team


Take advantage of our specific expertise in your innovation and transformation processes, in the strategic alignment of your property and in the development of valuable unique selling propositions. Together we will manage to skillfully translate the individuality of your property into public image and communication. Our consulting fields:

  • Development and fine-tuning of the property-specific profile
  • Concepts for re-profiling and reorientation
  • Guest communication concept
  • Target group definition
  • Development of suitable additional services
  • Selection of the right marketing partners
  • Social media consulting
  • Inplementation of and training in booking tools
  • Operational support including personnel training and internal in-services

Web Services

“We have to go there: I’ll send you the link!” Your own website is crucial for the successful marketing of holiday properties. Architectural houses make special demands on online presentations. The individual charm of the property must be conveyed in the correct words and pictures. We can support you in this:

  • Technical and content analysis of existing websites
  • Content and design concepts for your new website
  • Advice on the selection of web designers and developers
  • Technical implementation: which system fits for your website
  • Planning and organization of photo shoots
  • Preparation of texts
  • Integration of booking tools
  • To be found on the Internet: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)