A unique network.

Architecturally innovative holiday homes are a world unto themselves. The rules of the mainstream tourism industry simply don’t apply. So if you want to experience the extraordinary - or you want to share something extraordinary with the world - you can’t rely on conventional solutions.

Haben Sie ein besonderes Ferienhaus, welches Sie besser vermarkten wollen? Nehmen Sie mit unseren Ferienhausexperten Kontakt auf!

That’s why we created URLAUBSARCHITEKTUR - now Europe's leading online portal for architecturally outstanding holiday homes. We’ve published a series of award-winning books, and we've established a vibrant online community. In other words, we bring architecture-lovers and proud holiday home owners together. And while we consciously don’t offer a booking service, we’re here as a point of contact between hosts and their prospective guests.

You know your house in every detail.
We know how to showcase it.

Very often our partners ask us for advice on how to present their property - which photographers we can recommend or how to write their promotional texts - in a way that really captures what makes their home truly special.

We now offer professional consulting services to our partners, while also enabling the owners and operators of holiday homes to network among themselves. And we help find dream houses for future homeowners, for people just as passionate about architecture as those who designed and built it.

This website will help you to get to know us and what services we offer.