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The Team.

We’re the people behind URLAUBSARCHITEKTUR. We’re here to help you make the most out of your property. Not only that, we also have a broad network of trusted specialists - web developers, programmers, photographers and more.

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Jan Hamer – Founder, Editor

"Architecture is more important than scenery."

Britta Krämer - unsere Allrounderin bei der Urlaubsarchitektur und unserer Agentur

Britta Krämer – Community Management,
Consulting, Editor

"Unique houses, wonderful people, inspiring destinations. It's a love story."


Anne-Birga Niepelt – Online Producerin

"For lovers of outstanding
architecture and great interior design."

Ulrich Knoll - PR

Ulrich Knoll – Communications, PR, Editor

"Highly addictive, but without the side effects."


Julia Hauch – Writer

"Every house has a story.
Every week a new head cinema."


Tina Barankay – Writer

"Vacation of a special kind.
For lovers of architecture and design.


Anke Frey – Writer

Development and support for