Web services

The web is our home from home:

“We have to go here: I’ll send you a link!“ Having your own website is crucial to effectively marketing your holiday home. Architecture has its own unique demands when it comes to online presentation: your property’s individual charm has to be captured with exactly the right words and images. Your website should also include a booking tool, and since we live in the age of mobile internet, a responsive design adapted to every conceivable device – from your desktop computer to your smartphone – is an absolute must

We can help you build a beautiful website. We can even take care of its technical implementation, hosting and maintenance, including managing your guestbook, social media presence, and blog. And to make sure your website perfectly matches your profile in print, we’re also happy to develop flyers, business stationery, advertising templates, and more. Here are some of our services:

Analysis &

Web standards are in constant flux. We examine where there’s potential for improvement and make practical suggestions.

Social Media

Internet marketing today would be unthinkable without social media. We develop marketing strategies that reach your target groups on each social media channel.

Homepage Care

Staying up to date is vital! We make sure that the texts and images on your website are always current and consistently feature fresh content.

Website design

We develop content and design concepts for your website, suited to your house, focused on your target group, and responsively designed for all devices, whether mobile or desktop.


The best website is not worth much if nobody can find it. Search engine optimisation ensures that your website appears in searches using common search engines.

Integrated Booking tools

You’d like to simplify your booking procedure? We can integrate booking functions into your website – without relying on third party booking sites.

Implementation & Programming

From the planning to the launch: we can take care of your website’s technical implementation, including the programming and configuration.

Hosting WordPress

For websites based on WordPress we also offer a hosting service, including monitoring, necessary system updates, and backups.