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You can find an overview of the most significant media reports and articles in our media blog. This page features a selection of articles and quotations about our online portal and our book series.

Media responses to our online portal

Holiday homes to dream 9/2019

All 500 recommendations on this portal are architectural masterpiecesELLE Decoration Germany 3/2019

For architecture pilgrims – “How AirBnb and it’s rivals are winning over hotel snobs” – The Wall Street Journal 7/2017

Holiday accommodation for architecture fans: “We are the Anti-Airbnb”

If you’re passionate about architecture, you’re likely to have high expectations of your holiday accommodation. showcases a fantastic selection of houses – from glass cubes in Norway to restored half-timbered houses in Hesse. SPIEGEL online 4/2017

Working for leisure time – When it comes to holiday accommodation, the architecture in question usually adheres to rigid, mass-produced convention. But if you’re looking for a beautiful house in which to spend the best time of the year, this can present a welcome challenge – for the architects and builders alike. –  Deutsches Architektenblatt 7/2017

Come on in – and be 3/2017

Unique, exclusive retreats – Travelnews 2/2017

You lodge with your eyes: Holiday homes with style – If you’re looking for architecturally holiday accommodation online, you’ll sooner or later come across Jan Hamer – db mobil 3/2015

The dream house collector – Thanks to architect Jan Hamer, exemplary holiday homes are no longer an insider’s tip. With his website he has created a platform for architecture-lovers and owners of unique, beautifully-designed holiday homes. – Deutsches Architektenblatt 7/2012

Well built! Architecture is more important than scenery, says Jan Hamer. Through his online portal HOLIDAYARCHITECTURE, the architect showcases unique hotels and holiday homes – DIE ZEIT 12/2011

Media response to our book series


You don’t feel like standard hotels? A book presents extraordinary holiday domiciles – Süddeutsche Zeitung 6/2019

As a leading web portal for architecturally pioneering holiday homes and a dynamic network, Urlaubsarchitektur brings together owners and lovers of first-class architecture. (…) Winner of the German Design Award, the annual edition of books have long since grown into a popular “Holiday Bible”. – Atrium 2/2019

An inspiring coffee table bookGerman Architects 10/2019

Vacation from vacation, or better: Vacation from habitual dwellingsDer Tagesspiegel 5/2019

Even more beautiful livingElle Traveller Germany 1/2019 

An exciting selection of national and international holiday accommodations. (…) Well done again!Bauhandwerk (“Building trade”) 1/2019

An illustrated volume of the most beautiful holiday homes 11/2017

Tired of the boring old resort holidays? With these holiday retreats, the adventure starts with the accommodation – Der Standard 11/2017

German Design Award 2018 for URLAUBSARCHITEKTUR Selection 2017

Winner of the Excellent Design Category, Books & Calendars

Jury: The clear, modern design of the book grants each presented property the perfect amount of space and framing. An exclusive publication that is far more than marketing for holiday homes – it’s a compendium of exemplary architecture.

A clear, crisp layout; architectural photography instead of soft-focus marketing snaps; and smart, entertaining architecture critics – rather than the usual hotel prospectus pufferyAIT 6/2017

31 holiday homes prove how adventurous and inspiring architecture can beDas Ideale Heim 7/2017

More architectural pearls abenteuer + reisen 8/2017