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You can find an overview of the most significant media reports and articles in our media blog. This page features a selection of articles and quotations about our online portal and our book series.

Media responses to our online portal

What began as a small recommendation site with well-designed holiday homes for an architecture-affine audience has now developed into a professional platform. The fact that the creators of the site have not softened their quality standards over time and continue to apply high standards to the selected properties is part of its continuing success. – AIT 6.2020 / June 2020

Holiday homes to dream 9/2019

All 500 recommendations on this portal are architectural masterpiecesELLE Decoration Germany 3/2019

For architecture pilgrims – “How AirBnb and it’s rivals are winning over hotel snobs” – The Wall Street Journal 7/2017

Holiday accommodation for architecture fans: “We are the Anti-Airbnb”

If you’re passionate about architecture, you’re likely to have high expectations of your holiday accommodation. showcases a fantastic selection of houses – from glass cubes in Norway to restored half-timbered houses in Hesse. SPIEGEL online 4/2017

Working for leisure time – When it comes to holiday accommodation, the architecture in question usually adheres to rigid, mass-produced convention. But if you’re looking for a beautiful house in which to spend the best time of the year, this can present a welcome challenge – for the architects and builders alike. – Deutsches Architektenblatt 7/2017

Come on in – and be 3/2017

Unique, exclusive retreats– Travelnews 2/2017

You lodge with your eyes: Holiday homes with style – If you’re looking for architecturally holiday accommodation online, you’ll sooner or later come across Jan Hamer – db mobil 3/2015

The dream house collector – Thanks to architect Jan Hamer, exemplary holiday homes are no longer an insider’s tip. With his website he has created a platform for architecture-lovers and owners of unique, beautifully-designed holiday homes. – Deutsches Architektenblatt 7/2012

Well built! Architecture is more important than scenery, says Jan Hamer. Through his online portal HOLIDAYARCHITECTURE, the architect showcases unique hotels and holiday homes – DIE ZEIT 12/2011

Media response to our book series

Häuser und Menschen | Houses and People (published April 2020)

Finding a nice holiday home yourself can be time consuming. It’s great when experts do it for you, such as the authors of the book “Häuser und Menschen” (Houses and People) from the Urlaubsarchitektur edition. In this new work you will find accommodations that make a lasting impression due to their architectural and tourist concepts. – NZZ Bellevue, December 2020

The book surprises both in its graphic as well as in its craftsmanship. The latest work from the Edition Urlaubsarchitektur presents itself in a noble guise: “Häuser und Menschen” convinces not only with its exciting stories but also with high-quality graphics, including a linen cover, and for the first time with a magazine as a supplement. – Atrium, 5/2020 (September / October)

Literature – refuges for individualists. – Süddeutsche Zeitung / July 2020

The book (…) again brings together top objects from all over Europe, which here allow even more generous than usual visual access and (initially) imaginary living (…). – Bauwelt 12.20 / June 2020

The now published jubilee volume is once again much more valuable (…). And of course the volume also has more to offer in terms of content (…). Exciting! – AIT 6.2020 / June 2020

Every year the architects’ tips are outstanding.– Manager Magazine / 23 June 2020

A wonderful book – not only for lovers of architecture. eco.nova, the independent Austrian business magazine / 15 May 2020

The most beautiful German books 2020 – Our new publication is on the longlist of Stiftung Buchkunst (category guidebooks / non-fiction)

New book for the journey – The book comes in the middle of the crisis and yet at the right time – Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung / 10 May 2020

Real estate book tips for wanderlust and architecture – Edition Urlaubsarchitektur 2020 – Oh, how beautiful is freedom of travel. This is especially noticeable in times like these, when exactly this freedom is missing. – Kurier / 2 May 2020

An excellent sofa / 28 April 2020


You don’t feel like standard hotels? A book presents extraordinary holiday domiciles – Süddeutsche Zeitung 6/2019

As a leading web portal for architecturally pioneering holiday homes and a dynamic network, Urlaubsarchitektur brings together owners and lovers of first-class architecture. (…) Winner of the German Design Award, the annual edition of books have long since grown into a popular “Holiday Bible”. – Atrium 2/2019

An inspiring coffee table bookGerman Architects 10/2019

Vacation from vacation, or better: Vacation from habitual dwellingsDer Tagesspiegel 5/2019

Even more beautiful livingElle Traveller Germany 1/2019

An exciting selection of national and international holiday accommodations. (…) Well done again!Bauhandwerk (“Building trade”) 1/2019

An illustrated volume of the most beautiful holiday homes 11/2017

Tired of the boring old resort holidays? With these holiday retreats, the adventure starts with the accommodation – Der Standard 11/2017

German Design Award 2018 for URLAUBSARCHITEKTUR Selection 2017

Winner of the Excellent Design Category, Books & Calendars

Jury: The clear, modern design of the book grants each presented property the perfect amount of space and framing. An exclusive publication that is far more than marketing for holiday homes – it’s a compendium of exemplary architecture.

A clear, crisp layout; architectural photography instead of soft-focus marketing snaps; and smart, entertaining architecture critics – rather than the usual hotel prospectus pufferyAIT 6/2017

31 holiday homes prove how adventurous and inspiring architecture can beDas Ideale Heim 7/2017

More architectural pearls abenteuer + reisen 8/2017